Thursday, June 28, 2018


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This time, my Skype Presentation and 
Magic Carpet of 16 Book
The students were delightful, with beautiful smiles and many  interesting and pertinent questions to ask about the two books of mine they were reading.

The Revenge of Thelma Hill
Down Under Calling 

Their english was awesome, as was that of their Principal and her teachers. English is taught there as a second language, and French as the third.
We covered a lot ground--reading, writing, global themes, and more. The Principal asked me to stay longer, and I was happy to do so--approx 1 1/2 hours in all.  YEA!!

The connection was not the best, but we didn't allow that to interfere with our globally themed exchange of thoughts,
books, and ideas.

We plan a return engagement.
 SKYPE Makes it Happen!

A small segment of the class.

Video of me and the class interacting.
My voice sounds different--husky and much deeper.
Oh well, being there with the students
is what really matters--Right?

Email me
if you would like a Skype Author Visit
for your students.


Magic Carpet of Books
Autographed  + Amazon and Kindle 

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