Thursday, February 16, 2017


Magic Carpet of Books!

To HOOK These Students on READING and WRITING

This 6th-grade class was so enthusiastic and fun to work with. I spoke about growing up Down Under, showed aboriginal artifacts, and read from “The Revenge of Thelma Hill”—a scary ghost mystery with a skeleton in the basement, a ghost with a thirst to avenge her own murder, and twins willing to help her in her quest.
*DAISY--THELMA HILL--DOWN UNDER: each  99cents on Kindle.
*WALKABOUT and TACONI & CLAUDE: each 5.00 on Kindle

 I grew up in Australia, but I now live in Oregon. I have SKYPED in many C.C.W (Google+) classrooms in the US, as well as overseas. Having spent lots of my life Down Under, many of my books have multicultural Aussie themes, and some of my picture books also deal with Australia’s unique animals or topics that are helpful—like safety, dyslexia, and dealing with big changes.

My goal is to HOOK Kids on Reading. . . and Writing

View My BOOKS Here:

**Or, Read Sample Chapters or verses to your class:
Reading chapters gives you a good idea of what I write,
and what would best suit your class reading needs.

                  **Kindle and soft cover on Amazon                                  

My Skype Presentation requires your School Purchase at least 2x of my Books --
  approx $20. This purchase price includes  a Discount, Postage, and an Autograph.

BUYING DIRECT  from me offers your school and the parents special discounts and autographs.  Books are also on Amazon, with older books on Kindle.

I send a Book Order Form several weeks early, so your School Library has a chance to buy several of my books ahead of time. This gives your class time to read and
study the books, and think up lots of great questions to ask me when I SKYPE in with my “Magic Carpet of Books.” 

**My Teacher Study Guide covers all my books:

I create presentations that fit each individual class. I begin by introducing myself as an Aussie Transplant now living in Oregon. I tell a little about growing up Down Under, show some cool Aboriginal artifacts, and read from one of my books. I then go into how books are written, and where my inspiration comes from. I also stress the importance of powerful words, focus, plus strong plots and characters Visits to older grades receive a more in-depth chat about the writing process, and I use the Writing Helpers I sent as talking points. At the end, a fun Q and A allows for a sharing of ideas and writing know-how. This is often the highlight of my visit.

NOTE: I always send a reminder ahead of time, with
Writing Helpers
, Coloring Sheets, and several FREE
(pdf) Books
for you to read to your class, including my
Fairdinkum Aussie Recipe Book
(food I loved to eat as
a kid Down Under)

Below are links to sites you and your class
will find fun as well as most helpful.
*My PINTEREST Teacher/Classroom board is a
goldmine of helpful information, and
links for teachers.

Extra information about the AUSSIE animals
in my books.

For Books, writing help, and links to much more.  

*A VIDEO (on home page), of me reading from
Daisy and Bartholomew Q,
plus other books as well.

Click: "VIDEO READINGS from “My Books"


Please EMAIL me so we can chat further
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date.I am happy to answer any questions.