Tuesday, September 27, 2011

VIRTUAL SCHOOL VISITS - Skype Makes it Happen!

I am
Margot Finke,

 and I would like to invite you along for a FREE RIDE on my
Magic Carpet

At my desk where I write books for kids. Holding
"Taconi and Claude - Double Trouble"
a  mid-grade Aussie adventure.

(13 books published so far )

I am offering a FREE Author Visit
to your school 
-  via SKYPE

Also registered with
EucationSkype in the Classroom

I am looking for teachers, librarians, or schools
that would like a SKYPE Author Visit from ME -

a children's author who loves to get
reluctant readers

With the economy in the dumps, and many schools feeling a definite pinch,  an author visit via Skype and a Webcam makes sense.  A Skype Author  Visit will fill a very definite need.  And I promise you informative fun.  Just like my in-person school visits, I talk about how to write books, how you find an illustrator, and ways to write strong plots and rich characters. Then I read one of my latest books to YOUR class, answer questions, and maybe run a short lesson on writing.

I am more than happy to design my presentation
so that it fits the needs of YOUR class curriculum. 

I encourage kids to use active and powerful words when writing.
The idea is to paint instant word pictures in your reader's head.
This makes the plot and the characters come alive.   

Video of me chatting about an Author Visit.

My collection of Australian aboriginal artifacts  – boomerangs, message sticks and bark paintings etc are a big hit with classes. PLUS for me, answering children’s questions is always the highlight of any school visit.

Reading is a Magic Carpet Ride
to fun, adventure, and a chance for kids to learn fascinating things.
– all from the safety of their comfy home. 

I would also love to offer your class, + any child that wants one, 

A FREE copy of

Taconi and Claude's 21 Century Adventure.

This FREE, pdf  is a
short time-travel adventure - and a fun read.   
When a magical Boab tree sends Taconi spinning into the 21st century, Ruthie and Horatio (characters from 2 other books of mine) help Taconi and Claude find their way back to the 1950s where they belong.

 Below are the some of the books I am
currently reading in classrooms.

Picture Books
(soft cover or eBook)

 I will send coloring sheets you can copy for the younger grades.

Young Teen Adventures
(Soft Cover - Kindle - Nook or eBook)

The follow-up to Taconi and Claude:Lies, sibling rivalry and a crazy
Medicine Man + the unforgiving
Aussie outback make this a page turner.

FREE Download A
"Sneak Peek" inside my latest books.


Negotiation is a game I love to play!

* The time I spend depends on your class needs and enthusiasm.
   Younger grades, around 1/2 an hour - older students, 3/4 of an
   hour and up.

* The teacher/librarian and I will need to put our heads together and
   set up a visit date, a time, and a list of topics for me to chat about
   to the students.
  * Ahead of my visit, I will send teachers an order form and an introductory
     letter - both for parents. The order form will list books suitable for the class
    + payment options.  The Introduction includes my e-mail and web address,
     so concerned parents can read about my books, and contact me if they
     feel the need.

* I accept PAY PAL or a personal check - in US currency.
   Books available on Amazon (Kindle + soft cover) Powell's Books and B and N etc.
   Autographed soft cover from my Website - much cheaper postage!

* Autographed or small individual orders:
   Email me ( mfinke@frontier.com )  for details + your name and address.
   Add $2.00 postage for a book - add 50 cents for each extra book.
* Overseas postage is extra - please ask.


If your school is outside the USA,
I am more than happy to visit YOUR classroom.
 Please contact me so we can make specific arrangements
and sort out the time zone differences.

I am eager to read any comments
or suggestions left on this blog.


 For teachers who are interested, I already have the details for 
Skype Author Visits
drawn up, and waiting to be specifically personalized .  . .

please e-mail me for further details.


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  1. This sounds like such a fascinating concept. I haven't investigated it yet, but I would love to do this.

    Keep up the great work, mate.


  2. Thanks Cheryl. Installing Skype and a webcam is easy. However I am still working on setting up a viable virtual school program that will work in this new format. Lots of trial and error!!

    Margot Finke

    Books - Manuscript Critiques

    Virtual School Visits

  3. Hello again, Margot,

    What an innovative idea!! This blog is as interesting as the others. Good luck with your endeavor to get children into loving to read. Sometime I wonder which they love more--reading or being read to. Best of luck with this.


  4. Getting kids to read is so important. Boys especially are often reluctant readers, or more likely to have dyslexia.
    Parents and teachers can help so much, by making the writing process easy to grasp and fun to learn about. If teachers invite authors to pop in via Skype, and tell about their writing adventures, and how books get written and published, they will be more likely to read and write themselves. Skype can reach schools that most authors never visit.

    *Books for Kids – Manuscript Critiques